Is your boss a bully?

Do you suspect that the reason your employer gave you for why
you were being fired or disciplined wasn't the real reason?

Do you miss your breaks? Work off the clock? Work overtime without extra compensation because you are wrongly called "exempt"?

All of these things are illegal.

Your employer controls your livelihood, but is not all powerful. Employers are subject to a wide range of State and Federal laws that regulate their actions. Because Marc Phelps has extensive past experience in defending employers from employee lawsuits, he is familiar with their legal strategies and motives, and can put that knowledge to work for you.

The Way Employment Cases Work

A Basic Roadmap to Employment Litigation Through Trial

“Discrimination” cases allege that the employee was wrongfully terminated or harassed at work. “Wage and Hour” cases allege that the employee was underpaid somehow – such as by having worked off the clock or not having been compensated for overtime hours worked. More detail about each of these types of cases can be found in the dropdown menu under practice areas at the top of this page. We, your attorneys, drive the bus on both types of cases. We prepare “discovery,” write “motions,” make court appearances, negotiate a potential settlement with the attorneys for your employer, and go to trial. We will educate you on exactly what needs to be done and keep you informed every step of the way.

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What Clients Are Saying

Choose the Best, According to Our Past Clients

“I really can't say enough about this lawfirm. I found Marc's firm on the internet after two years of being sexually harassed by my former boss. Everyday at my work was worst than the last. It started with being asked out and when I rejected my boss, it got worse and worse to the point where I didn't feel safe coming to work. I'm not the type to complain and I believe in hard honest work but I could not take it anymore and I approached HR. As soon as I did that it turned from being harassed based on my appearence to being pushed out of the company. Everything I did was wrong. I was always getting written up. Finally my boss found a trivial thing to fire me for. I was devastated. Marc's firm fought this evil company back. I felt empowered.” - E. S.

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