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Workplace Exposure to COVID-19

If you went to work while California's stay at home order was in place (March 2020-onwards) and contracted COVID-19 during that period, the law assumes that you contacted the virus at work. In such cases, the employer may be liable for exposing the employee to the virus, and workers compensation claims are available. The value of these claims can range into the millions of dollars, depending on the severity of illness and whether hospitalization was required.

Employers are required to maintain certain health and safety standards in the workplace. When they fail to do so – such as by not requiring masks (when appropriate), failing to disclose potential COVID-19 exposures, requiring employees to work when displaying virus symptoms, and so forth – employers may violate the California Labor Code as well as the Health and Safety Code and various OSHA regulations. Additionally, damages for negligence and other torts may be warranted. In a free consultation, we can review the actions that your employer has or has not taken to protect you (its employee) from exposure to COVID-19. In some cases, we may conclude that a lawsuit is warranted.

Nursing Home Exposure to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic in the United States spread in devastating fashion in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Group homes and rehabilitation clinics were also hard hit. While close living quarters in some cases may have made such exposure unavoidable, in others, insufficient precautions appear to have been taken. If you or a loved one were exposed in such a facility, please submit your information so that we can confer with you to determine whether litigation is warranted.

nursing home exposure
defective covid-related products

Defective COVID-Related Products, Therapies, or Services

The pandemic has unleashed a torrent of alleged treatments, cures and remedies for COVID-19. While most are legitimate, such as the three FDA approved vaccines, and several antibody treatments, many supposed “cures” “rapid tests” and antibody tests have been fabricated or passed off as “FDA approved” to consumers but have been scams. If you purchased any such therapy, you may have a case. Additionally, certain drugs may have been rushed to market and those who have taken them may have experienced negative health consequences as a result. If you believe that you were exposed to a defective drug, therapy, or test for COVID-19, please submit all details and we will evaluate your claim. Another unfortunate area involves nursing homes, assisted living facilities, group homes and rehabilitation clinics where patients were exposed to COVID-19. If you or a loved one was exposed in such a fashion and you believe that the facility did not take necessary precautions against COVID-19, please describe your situation so that we can evaluate it.


Seeking to cut costs, employers have laid off or furloughed millions of employees due to the pandemic. While this in itself isn’t illegal, the law is violated when employees are placed on the layoff list for prohibited reasons, such as due to their age, ethnicity, disability, pregnancy status, sex, or for being a “complainer” who has brought up illegalities or problems at work to Human Resources or management in the past. “Covid” can be a convenient cover for illegal discrimination. For example, employers often select the oldest (and most highly paid) employees for their COVID-19/layoff list. While this might appear to be simple cost cutting, it is in fact illegal age discrimination. In a free consultation, we can go through the circumstances of your layoff to determine if you were targeted not just because of the pandemic – but for some unstated reason. In many cases, we can file a lawsuit or pursue settlement negotiations on employees’ behalf.

failure to refund

Failure to Refund

Companies have been forced by the pandemic to cancel performances, flights, cruises, and so forth. While that is not problematic in itself, consumers must also be provided with refunds. In many cases, such as with music festivals and other events, consumers were simply left without a refund and with no recourse. In other instances, consumers are provided with “credit,” such as a voucher with an airline, but are not refunded their money. This practice is particularly egregious because airlines have been known to schedule flights that they have no intention of flying, simply in order to obtain consumer funds and defer them as “credit” to a later date. If you fall into this category, we may be able to file a lawsuit on your behalf or to request a settlement.



All Americans have the right to work in a safe and comfortable environment. Employers are required to follow a wide range of State and Federal laws – designed to protect employees. Learn more about how Marc Phelps can help protect your rights at work.



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The COVID-19 pandemic has been a tragedy of unimaginable proportions that is not ready to end anytime soon. This however does not give companies a free pass to act poorly, take profit, and violate the law. Please share your story in the submission box below so that we can evaluate whether you have a case.

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