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It happens all the time – employers take advantage of their employees and companies take advantage of their customers. Regardless of whether you are an employee or a consumer, it’s illegal for people in power to take advantage of you or cause you emotional or physical harm.


All Americans have the right to work in a safe and comfortable environment. Employers are required to follow a wide range of State and Federal laws – designed to protect employees. Learn more about how Marc Phelps can help protect your rights at work.

Wrongful Termination

Sexual Harassment

Employment Discrimination

Wage & Hour Violations

Equal Pay For Men and Women

Independent Contractors

Temp Agencies/Staffing/Placement Companies

Employee Background Checks

E-Verify System

Age Discrimination

Unpaid Overtime

Unpaid Wages

Disability Discrimination

Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Meal Breaks

Rest Periods

Call-In Shifts

On Call

Unpaid Internships


Companies have a duty to protect their customers’ safety and wellbeing. Many use unethical practices to increase their profits at the expense of their customers. Learn more about how Marc Phelps can help protect your consumer rights.

Collection of Information at the Point of Sale

Monthly Recurring Charges

False Advertising

Data Breach/Privacy Claims

Telemarketers & Bill Collectors

Invite Code Texts/Spam


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