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Independent Contractors

Are you considered an independent contractor? Have you been asked to complete a Form-1099 for your employer? Are you denied the benefits that full-time employees get?

Because independent contractors are not full-time employees, companies save costs on things such as Social Security, Medicare, unemployment and workers’ compensation insurance, and benefits. However, many workers that are called independent contractors shouldn’t be.

The strongest cases involve workers at mid-sized to large companies; employers violate the law if they are paying people as independent contractors who should be paid as employees (W-2) and should receive employee benefits such as paid overtime, health benefits, meal breaks, and so on.

Marc Phelps works hard to ensure that his clients’ rights are protected and companies are held accountable for their actions. There is a complex legal test that determines whether you should have been classified as an "employee."  If you suspect you are improperly labeled as an independent contractor, contact Marc for a free case evaluation.


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