Consumer Services

Monthly Recurring Charges

Contract-based reoccurring charges often violate consumers' rights. California has specific requirements for consumer agreements regarding disclosures that need to be made and formatting that must be followed. The majority of these contracts violate California’s rules.

What is terrific is that if your contract is found to be in violation of California’s requirements (which most are), you will be entitled to reimbursement of all the money you ever paid to the company, regardless of whether you used the products or services.

Oftentimes, recurring bill arrangements are scams (especially in the cosmetics industry), and companies assume that no one will go to court over a few dollars per month, resulting in consumers being billed for years. Also, these companies improperly make cancellation very difficult.

Marc Phelps works hard to ensure that his clients’ rights are protected and companies are held accountable for their actions. If you have a contract-based reoccurring charge on your credit or debit card, contact Marc for a free case evaluation.


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