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Orange County Sexual Harassment Lawyer

California courts take sexual harassment very seriously. Strict laws are in place regarding how companies must handle claims of sexual harassment, and employees have the right to demand that these laws are followed.

Orange County Sexual Harassment Attorney Marc Phelps works hard to ensure that his clients’ rights are protected and companies are held accountable for their actions. Experienced, diligent and skilled, Marc can help you fight for the compensation – and justice – you deserve after being subjected to workplace sexual harassment.

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How Is Sexual Harassment Defined?

Sexual harassment is generally defined as unwanted sexual actions, including offensive remarks about a person’s sex, that:

  • Create a hostile work environment, or
  • Result in an adverse employment-related action (like being wrongfully terminated).

California law (the Fair Employment and Housing Act), as well as federal law (Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964), prohibit workplace sexual harassment.

What Constitutes Sexual Harassment?

Workplace sexual harassment can take many forms. The following table outlines the specific forms and provides some examples of workplace sexual harassment.



Physical Actions

  • Unwanted touching
  • Physically restraining someone else or blocking their movements
  • Assaulting someone
  • Leering or making lewd gestures

Verbal (or Digital) Statements

  • Making derogatory remarks about someone’s body or gender in general
  • Sexually propositioning someone
  • Making any employment terms or benefits contingent on the performance of sexual favors (quid pro quo sexual harassment)
  • Sending emails of a lewd and offensive nature


  • Hanging up lewd, sexually graphic pictures or posters
  • Leaving sexual objects or lewd drawings in someone’s locker or workspace

Additionally, workplace sexual harassment can involve:

  • Male or female harassers
  • Harassment from supervisors (not necessarily direct supervisors), coworkers, clients and others in the workplace
  • Harassment occurring in the performance of a service or in professional relationship (such as a doctor-patient situation).

Do I Have a Sexual Harassment Case?

Call or email Marc to find out if you have a sexual harassment case against your employer. He is ready to listen to you and give you free advice regarding your potential case.

In the meantime, however, here are some general, yet important, facts to understand about sexual harassment cases:

  • Teasing and minor isolated incidents are not grounds for sexual harassment cases.
  • Sexual harassment cases are strong where the harassment is "severe or pervasive," which means a recurring pattern of comments or actions has occurred over a long period of time or the incident involved a physical assault.
  • Sexual harassment cases can be even stronger when the harasser has a background of harassing employees and/or the employer has policies that promote sexual harassment in the workplace.

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1: More information regarding sexual harassment laws, from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)


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