Consumer Services

Invite Code Texts/Spam

Just as there are laws that protect a consumer from unwanted phone calls and emails, there are consumer laws that guard consumers against unwanted or spam text messages.

It is illegal for a company to send unsolicited text messages saying you have been invited by a friend to join an app, service, website, or other offer. Oftentimes, your information was, in fact, provided to the company by a contact, but it does not give that company the right to message you.

It is also illegal for a company that requires you to provide your phone number for to enroll in their app or rewards program to begin texting you about other services.

When either of these situations takes place, the text often includes a promo code or a link for a free or discounted product or service. By breaking these laws, companies may be responsible for paying damages up to $1,500 per violation, and it is a very important abuse to stop.

Additionally, while the technology is nearly gone from everyday use, it is also illegal for similar unsolicited messages to be sent to fax machines.

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